Phloroglucinol, in the form of colorless crystals, has a sweet taste and is easily soluble in ethanol and ether.

The melting point is 217–219°C.

The compound formed a dihydrate with a melting point of 117°C.   

Shipping advice:   

1. Express   Suitable for under 50 kg, fast speed (3-4 days), high cost, door-to-door service, easy to pick up goods.   

2. Air freight   Suitable for weights above 50 kg, fast speed (4-5 days), high cost, from airport to airport, professional agents are required.   

3. Shipping   Suitable for more than 500 kg, slow speed (15-45 days), low cost, port to port, professional agent is required.   

Before ordering phloroglucinol, we can send samples to you for testing, and we ensure that the quality is the same as the batch